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  3. fuckyeahtattoos:

    Got this quick beautiful flower today. 

    My Sister did it at Resurrected Tattoo in Syracuse, NY


  4. fuckyeahtattoos:

    Artist: Evelyn Bacopulos, Toronto

    Shop: Hartless Tattoo & Co, Toronto Canada




  5. fuckyeahtattoos:

    I got these to honor Carl Sagan

    “The nitrogen in our DNA, the calcium in our teeth, the iron in our blood, the carbon in our apple pies were made in the interiors of collapsing stars. We are made of starstuff.”

    -Carl Sagan, Cosmos

    Done by English at 8 Sins Tattoo in Columbia SC


  6. cabinporn:

    In 2010, Inge Wegge and Jørn Ranum spent 9 months above the Arctic Circle in the Lofoten Islands surfing, snowboarding, and subsisting in a cabin they built of driftwood, stone, and sea debris.

    Watch a trailer for their award-winning film on the adventure.


  7. fuckyeahtattoos:

    I got this done at Teddy Bear Ink in Mattawan NJ by Oscar =] 

    This was taken right after it was done. I got this for my friend Drew who passed away 9 months ago. After he died there was a blue and black butterfly that stayed by my backdoor for two days, even with my dogs trying to chase it, it still came back. Drew had the most amazing blue eyes which is why I related the butterfly to him. The date at the top is his birthday. I have been sad about him for the past couple of weeks so getting this tattoo was emotional but now his memory will be forever with me <3

    Love that story.



  9. This is disgusting. 

    (via neutralsoymilkhotel-deactivated)


  10. fuckyeahtattoos:

    I’ve always loved ampersands & flowers. Can’t wait to get this baby colored in. 

    (My original illustration tattooed by Mikey at All Star Ink in NY). 


  11. obamaandkids:

    Special guest: VPOTUS.


  12. tattoolit:

    My first tattoo—Ah Bartleby! Ah humanity!


  13. fuckyeahtattoos:

    “I need you so much closer”. Most notably, this is from the song Transatlanticism by Death Cab For Cutie, but I’m still figuring out everything it means to me.

    Done by Miranda Kelley at Forever Sacred Tattoo in Centerville, Iowa.

    I love that song.