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  1. giantbeard:


    Dr. André Churchwell, dandifying a plain linen suit with ostentatious accessories.

    The plain pocket square and shirt help reign in and balance the tie and shoes yet they also manage highlight them, the white of the square echoing the spectators and the busy, yet muted, tie distinguishing itself as the only pattern, therefore ensuring our eyes are drawn up to Dr. Churchwell’s face.

    A wonderfully conceived and stylishly executed ensemble.

    ( note the ‘Hollywood’ waistband on the trousers and the out of season ‘boxcloth’ braces )

    (Source: asuitablewardrobe.dynend.com)


  2. jesseharding:


    (Source: lenvrosa)


  3. My shoes and my nephew’s shoes.  I love putting him in little Chucks.