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  1. Two years ago today, I landed in Glasgow, stoked beyond belief that my long time dream was coming true. Scotland has had my heart since 6th grade, and not a day goes by that I don’t think about the incredible memories and the lifelong friends I made there. Travelling is an interesting thing…it makes your world feel small and huge all at the same time. I feel so grateful for the privilege to travel, and I know I will always have the wanderlust bug. Scotland, I will be back soon.


  2. I’m so pumped for everyone to get their hands on this new single, the @hitdoghollar boys have made some MAGIC with Sonny Sandoval from POD and the legendary Weepin’ Tommy Brown. Check out the promo video on Youtube, search “Devil Don’t Dance Hit Dog Hollar” and turn your speakers up! The song will be released on iTunes on September 2nd so keep your eyes peeled!


  3. Sometimes, Saturdays call for dancing.


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    A drone flying through fireworks. 

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    Colombia NT dancing after their goals

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    This guy wore the same outfit on his last day of high school as his first day of preschool.

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    4/19/2014 marked 25 years ago since the City of New York violated the rights of 5 innocent Black & Latino boys who became known as the Central Park Five.

    25 years ago, after being coerced into confessing, the Central Park Five spent 7-13 years in jail for a crime they never committed. 25 years ago, Donald Trump took out full page ads in 4 New York City newspapers calling for the execution of five INNOCENT Black and Latino boys.

    11 years after filing a $250 million civil suit, the Central Park Five have yet to receive a settlement or formal apology. Justice delayed IS justice denied!


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    ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Central_Park_jogger_case )

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  12. My time at SDSU is officially over! I was blessed with the privilege of two incredibly hardworking parents who sent me to college and I am forever grateful for their help along the way. Between being my second set of eyes on my papers to helping me study huge stacks of flashcards, they both deserve honorary degrees! Thanks to everyone who came to celebrate with me both at the ceremony and after, and every touching text and message I’ve gotten is testament to the rad community we are all a part of. I am excited to continue on at RJS LAW and see how @NaturalKidz grows, and I am so thankful. Thankful and proud, and stoked for the future!


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    That time in which Mamrie, Grace, and Hannah absolutely NAIL it.

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